Zebu Lodges

The name Zebu signifies the most cherished and popular Masai cattle which traditionally symbolizes wealth. In choosing the name, the hotel is paying homage to the Maasai culture.

All Masai ceremonies are blessed by the slaughtering of a fat and young Zebu bull to mark the occasion.

The hotel offers fully furnished executive apartment accommodation for families and other guests who prefer to stay together as teams or groups. The apartments contains four bedrooms each and offers the serene environment to relax and feel at home away from home. It also offers exclusive suites, executive and deluxe rooms for individuals and couples on honey moon or on vacation away from the city. The stay in the hotel gives every guest the countryside experience for relaxation and unwinding.



The hotel can comfortably accommodate up to 32 guests at any given time. Visitors enjoy their meals from their dining spaces in each apartment and in the common dining area. The main restaurant is under construction and upon completion will accommodate a minimum of 350 guests.

The other facilities under construction include a modern swimming pool, conference facilities, lawns and events grounds.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional county side comfort, serene accommodation and splendid cuisine by a team of dedicated staff.

Our Vision

Zebu Lodge and Luxury Hotel aims at becoming the destination of choice and home of living hospitality.